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I am a theorist, writing in the tradition of radical feminist theory.  Some of you may question the purpose of theory and wonder why I should get enjoyment out of writing it, or why anyone else would want to read it. Others may wonder "why feminist theory", and still others may question what a man is doing writing in that tradition. These questions, and others, are addressed in the body of the papers themselves, so please dig in! You can either read the theory papers online or download them according to the format of your favorite word processor. When you are done, feel welcome to provide me with comments and feedback!

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Website Webrings were a bit of a Thing in the 1990s. I belonged to two of them. These are both defunct nowadays...


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Neither of these claims would ordinarily shed much accolade upon Apple or Adobe since this is not a compellingly visual or technically sophisticated site. But for what it's worth, this site was up and running less than 45 minutes after the installation diskette for PageMill was popped into my Mac's drive. First time I ever tried to make a web page. Elegant and simple. Which is how it oughta be.


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